The Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei (IEAT) was established in 1947, and has been acting as a bridge of understanding between the government and the trade sector.

Over the past 70 years, it has grown to have 5,700 members enterprises and become the largest traders association in Taiwan. It helps build industry consensus on policy issues, safeguard members’ interests, and facilitate local businesses in tapping global trade opportunities.


Enhancing Members’ Right and Benefits

Twenty-two sub-committees work on industry-specific issues and eight working groups on specialized topics to examine relevant rules and regulations, and keep watch on market developments.


Furthering Foreign Trade

To forge global links, the IEAT reached cooperative agreements with more than 80 business groups and sister organizations in some 30 countries, and signed MOUs with more than 30 entities in mainland China. The IEAT conducts exchange with foreign business delegations, arranges for match meetings and hold talks on emerging markets. Every year, it organizes delegations to take part in trade fairs at home and abroad, as well as conducts study tours and procurement trips to emerging markets.


Strategic Alliance and Collaboration

In international trade, strategic alliance is quintessential. The IEAT encourages its members to foster exchange and cooperation both within and across industries. It sets up strategic collaboration with counterpart organizations as well as business and research agencies.


Comprehensive Information Resources

The IEAT provides information and electronic resources, which include the Trade Magazine, and business publications.


Developing Trade Expertise

The IEAT nurtures talents for the trade sector. In 1979, the R.O.C. Trade Education Foundation was established, and expanded to the the International Trade Business School in 2014 to offer courses on trade-related subjects, professional certification and comprehensive training of international trade personnel.

With the advent of globalization and the Cloud Era, Cross-border E-commerce is to set to shape future trading patterns. The IEAT aims to integrate the resources of the industry, the academia and the government for the development of a trade platform and e-commerce expertise to pave the way for global outreach and new business opportunities.

Looking to the future, the Importers and Exporters Association of Taipei strives to open new frontiers. It will continue to lead members in building a top-notched trade organization marked by professional services. The IEAT will work even more closely with all sectors to deliver the best service, to advance the interests of the trade sector, and to further the growth of the economy, and to be your best partner in global trade outreach.

Former Vice President Mr. Vincent Siew lectures at ITBS CEO class
Mr. Shih-Chao Cho, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs discusses current issues with member companies
IEAT and the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry sign a cooperation agreement

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